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Risk Management for Water Suppliers

The effective management of risk is an important part of the operation of water supply organization, both large and small.  Climate change is exacerbating the risks faces by some water suppliers. An important part of risk management is to implement operational best practices. An equally important part is to have adequate insurance coverage. 

You can learn more about these topics by following these links:

Climate Change and Water Infrastructure

Insurance Protection for Operators of Community Infrastructure

Best Practices for water Suppliers



Survey for BC Improvement Districts

The policy of the BC provincial government in connection with improvement districts is controversial, particularly the aspects concerned with water and sewer infrastructure grants.  Most of the questions in our survey are about this topic. You can read the BC government policy statement and to look at the comments by the BC Chamber of Commerce by clicking the links below.

BC Improvement District Policy

BC Chamber of Commerce Comments

BC Improvement Districts - Take the Survey


BC Associations, Education & Training

     BC Groundwater Association

     BC Water & Waste Association

     Canadian Water Directory - BC Section

     Coastal Water Suppliers Association

     Online Help Centre

     WaterSafe Website

     Water Supply Association of BC


Climate Change

The Water/Climate Change Toolkit hepls you water utility to respond to the risks of climate change:

Water/Climate Change Toolkit

How-To's and How-It-Works

A How-To is an informal description of how to accomplish a specific task. A How-It-Works is a concise description of how an item or process works.To view videos and slide presentations related to water supply click on these links:

     Water Supply > How-To's

     Water Supply > How-It-Works

Products and Services

Find products, services and construction resources in British Columbia. Click here: Products, Services & Construction.

Other Resources

     Governance, Administration & Finance of BC Water Systems

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are simply ways that certain things are done in the best-performing organizations. Financial BMPs will help your organization to achieve long-term financial sustainability. And the video accessed from the other link link below will help best practices in governance.

Financial Best Management Practices - SIS Guides

Governance and Roles for Trustees - (Click YouTube button in right-hand margin of CWSA Home Page)

 Legal Issues and Water Supply - Legal issues that may be faced by directors and managers of infrastructure organizations

     Planning & Design of BC Water Systems

The following links take you to resources that will help with the planning, design and operation of community water systems:

Design Guidelines for Rural Residential Community Water Systems

Best Practice Guidelines for Approving New Small Water Systems

Guidelines for the Construction of Waterworks

Guidelines for the Approval of Water Systems

     Regulations & Programs  in BC

             BC Drinking Water Protection Act

      National Resources

             Canadian Water Directory > Resources for water suppliers in Canada