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About us

We envisage a world in which many of the United Nations Sustainable Development (UNSD) Goals have been achieved. We believe that Canada can make a major contribution to this work. Our mission is to help strengthen the water industry in Canada, and to help the industry to contribute to the achievement of these goals. Specifically, we aim to support progress towards Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. We aim to help the Canadian water industry to also contribute to the achievement of other UNSD Goals.

The wide range of products and services available to the Canadian water industry reflects the diversity of climate and landscape to be found in this vast nation. We have rain forests and deserts, high mountains and rolling grasslands, fertile river valleys and vast frozen tundra. The products and services created by the water industry to suit these diverse environments can be exported to many other parts of the world, where they can help in the achievement of global goals.

The website www.CanadianWater.Directory is an on-line guide to products, services and other resources for the Canadian water industry. The website is home to directories for each of the provinces in Canada.

British Columbia is divided into three regional directories: Coastal BCInterior & Northern BC and Lower Mainland BC. Other provincial directories may be divided into regions in the future. 

CanadianWater.Directory divides the water industry into three Sectors: Water SupplyWastewater Management and Irrigation & Drainage. Each Sector is further divided into ProductsServices and Contracting. Users can, for example, search for Water Supply – Services in Alberta.

This website uses the new top-level domain name .Directory to reinforce its purpose. For the fastest and most convenient way to access the products and services of the water industry, the first choice of buyers is: www.CanadianWater.Directory.

Our website, www.CanadianWater.Directory, aims to be the most comprehensive on-line guide to the products and services of the Canadian water industry. We create growing awareness of the Directory among water industry buyers through regular eNewsletters, presentations at conferences, partnerships with industry associations, search engine registration and other means. A wide range of Products is included; for example: Aeration EquipmentInstrumentation and Valves. Many specialized Services for the water industry are listed in the Directory; examples of services are AccountingEngineeringLaboratory Testing and Workplace Safety.

You can use the simple search tools to find vendors by Product or Service, company name, contact name, keyword or location. Products and Services, even the most specialized, are easy to find. You can search on Categories in the Directory. When you select a Category you will see a list of Types within that Category. Click on the Type of choice. You will then see a list of organizations and their location. Click on the name of any company having a Premium Listing to find more information.

If you provide Products or Services to the water industry, we invite you to make a Listing. It’s simple to do, inexpensive and effective. And you will benefit from our increasing links with regional water associations and other industry groups. We work with them to help showcase the Products and Services supplied to the water industry.

The website CanadianWater.Directory is operated by the Sustainable Infrastructure Society, a not-for-profit society created to deliver resources for sustainable infrastructure. We have been delivering resources to the water industry since 2005; we work with an informal group of advisors representing key regional industry associations.