Canadian Water Directory

Select Sector, Category and Type

All Products and Services are classified in the Directories by Sector, then Category, then Type. This makes it easy for Buyers to find the things they need.

When making a listing for a given product or service, you first select the Sector, then the Category within that Sector, then the Type within that Category. Here’s an example:

An Example

Say you supply activated carbon filters. When making your listing you would select the Sector, Category and Type as follows: 

  Sector: Water Supply – Products

  Category: Filtration

  Type: Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filter 27Jul21

Browse the Categories

To browse the available Categories and Types in the directory, first choose a Sector:

Sectors: the Sectors included are:

Water Supply – Products

Water Supply – Services

Water Supply – Construction

Wastewater Management- Products

Wastewater Management – Services

Wastewater Management – Construction

Irrigation & Drainage – Products

Irrigation & Drainage – Services

Irrigation & Drainage – Construction