Canadian Water Directory

Searching the Directory

There are several ways by which Buyers can search the Directory:

By Province

Buyers can search the  Canadian Water Directory by province

By Affiliation

Buyers can search for suppliers who are affiliated with various industry associations  including:


Map of BC 27JUl21

By Sector

Buyers can search by Sector. When making a listing in the Canadian Water Directory you choose which of the Sectors you want to list within. You may list in more than one Sector.

Water Supply – Products
Water Supply – Services
Water Supply – Construction

Wastewater Management – Products
Wastewater management – Services
Wastewater Management – Construction

Irrigation & Drainage – Products
Irrigation & Drainage- Services
Irrigation & Drainage – Construction

By Region - in BC

Coastal BCInterior & Northern BC and Lower Mainland BC.

Provincial directories may be divided into regions in the future. Currently Buyers can also search in three regions of BC.