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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about listing in the Canadian Water Directory:

We promote use of the directory across Canada. It’s available 24 / 7 to people who look for products and services. Your company can list across Canada or focus on a selected province(s). The directory appeals to users who want to search across the country for a very specialized product. And it works for people who might want to find a service based close to home. People on our growing list of users are sent regular reminders that the directory is a comprehensive and convenient source of important information..

Premium – All Canada – $498/year
Your listing appears in all provincial directories within Canadian Water Directory: 

Premium – Per Province – $196/year
You can select one or more provinces for your listing: 

Premium – Per Region – $98/year
(Available in BC only at this time) – You can select one or more regions of British Columbia

Basic Listing – Free of Charge
One Province – A Basic Listing is free of charge; but shows limited information and appears in one province only.

The people who buy your products and services! They include designers and engineers, owners, buyers and facility managers, consultants and contractors, and many other. They include people with water supply organizations, wastewater management facilities and irrigation and drainage works. They include large and small organizations and individual homeowners. Regulators, government officials, business people and members of the public also access the information.

Our sponsors include a growing list of regional water associations. Their memberships include a wide range of individuals and organizations in the water industry. We encourage them to tell their membership about the value of the directory.

You should make a separate entry for each office. People who use the directory may give first preference to a local company. If you have a local office you will be more likely to secure the business.

You can include them under each category that is appropriate. Not all buyers will think of the same product under the same category, so sometimes more than one category is suitable for a given product or service.

The water industry is growing more complex. Our extensive category list makes it easier to put a product or service in the right place, and easier for buyers to find.

Send us an email describing your product or service and suggest a suitable category. We will be pleased to respond.

We may have already provided an initial Basic Listing for your company. To see if you are listed, select any Sector under Search Sector in the blue ribbon. On the Search Page click Reset All Filters. Then type in you company name in the Search Bar and click the search symbol. For more information look under About Listing

A Premium Listing enables you to provide full information about your products or services. It includes your logo, direct links to your website and email, the names of your key contacts, a map showing your location and other items. Your company name and logo also appear in a rotating advertisement on the right of the Canadian Water Directory website screens and are therefore seen by a wide variety of users. A Premium Listing appears before all Basic Listings when users do a search. We recommend that you make a Premium Listing; it’s very affordable. Click to see an example: Example Premium Listing

A Basic Listing provides your company name and a few contact details. Basic Listings appear in the Directory below the Premium Listings, and Buyers cannot link directly to your website from the Directory. A Premium Listing will highlight your Products or Services much more effectively to Buyers. For an example of a Basic Listing , click here: Example Basic Listing

To check your company listing, first follow the directions under Is my company already listed? above. To update your company listing you first sign into your account by clicking on My Account in the top blue ribbon. For more directions click on Make and Manage Your Listing under About Listing in the top blue ribbon. More information about listing is under About Listing; use the drop-down menu.

We take security seriously;  your listing information can only be modified by you using your login information. Please keep your login information (i.e. login name and password) safe.

The Canadian Water Directory is operated by the Sustainable Infrastructure Society (SIS). We are a non-profit society based in BC with a mission to create resources to help the sustainable management of water resources.