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FluksAqua if the world's first online collaborative platform designed by and for water utility professionals.
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FluksAqua is an online collaborative platform founded specifically for water utility professionals to access and share the latest technologies, tips and best practices in the water industry.

We offer free services, such as an open discussion forum and a benchmark tool, as well as premium services like our applications for water and wastewater systems.

Our open discussion forum has thousands of visitors from throughout North America, who contribute their knowledge and experiences with their peers.

Our Benchmark tool aggregates and compares public water key performance parameters to make them understandable, accessible and actionable.

Our applications, available through paid subscription, are developed by FluksAqua and partner organizations. They use a unique technology to provide users with tools to monitor operational efficiency on a daily basis, capitalizing on the professional expertise of the entire community. Each app is designed to operate on any desktop or mobile device. User access and data are fully secure and always remain under direct control.

The applications we are launching are for Leak Detection and Collection Systems, with future apps for Drinking Water Quality, Effluent Quality and System Operation on the way.

Since FluksAqua has a common purpose of servicing all water and wastewater professionals, we welcome partner organizations to join us to play an active role in our open platform. We only ask that partners respect impartiality, data confidentiality and the equality of fellow subscribers.

For Technical Partners the tangible benefit is to use the Application Platform to reach the FluksAqua community, benefit from its Software as a Service delivery, while avoiding integration and deployment costs.

For Financial Partners the advantage to invest in a collaborative project with high growth potential.

For commercial partners the advantage to develop and build the FluksAqua community in your own country.

Thousands of subscribers are already taking advantage of FluksAqua's free and subscription based services to save money, meet regulatory requirements and ensure better asset performance.

The apps are compatible with other commonly used software and are designed to operate on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Flow monitoring through this app allows operators to detect and locate pipe breaks before they surface, and to track increasing leakage trends, and identify faulty meters. FluksAqua is currently offering a free trial period to interested and qualified utilities and community water systems.
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Collection System Services - Pump Stations & Force Main Services
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Sector Contact
John-Charles Michaud
ph: 514-334-4231 X-205
em: jcmichaud@fluksaqua.com
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Leak Detection - Leak Detection
Sector Contact
John-Charles Michaud
ph: 514-334-4231 X-205
em: jcmichaud@fluksaqua.com
Water Supply - Services
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Water Quality - Water Quality Assessment
Sector Contact
John-Charles Michaud
ph: 514-334-4231 X-205
em: jcmichaud@fluksaqua.com