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WCOWMA Onsite Wastewater Management Association of BC
Box 342, 110 - 174 Wilson Street
Victoria, BC, V9A 7N7
WCOWMA-BC supports members in the provision of safe and effective onsite wastewater management for British Columbians and the environment.
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The WCOWMA Onsite Wastewater Management of BC (WCOWMA-BC) is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate to support its member authorized persons in providing safe and effective wastewater management for landowners. We do this by delivering in-class and field training opportunities for onsite practitioners, providing networking and learning opportunities for industry stakeholders, forging positive relationships with local and provincial regulators, and educating the public. WCOWMA-BC’s operating budget is entirely funded through its programs and membership fees.

WCOWMA-BC provides accessible, quality and recognized in-class education for onsite wastewater practitioners and other professionals, delivers practical in-field training sessions, hosts an annual onsite wastewater industry convention, communicates broadly to its stakeholders on issues that affect their businesses, advocates to local and provincial governments for reasonable standards and regulations that harmonize the needs of industry and the public, and educates landowners on proper practices for caring for their onsite wastewater system.

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Lesley Desjardins
ph: 1-855-872-2645
em: lesley@wcowma.com