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755 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89119
RedEye is reinventing how people work – digital engineering solutions for companies that own and operate complex assets. How can we help you and your workforce?
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RedEye’s was founded in 2012, after our founders experienced the frustration of engineering document control tools, and onsite work execution systems, not being designed for asset operations and maintenance. They set out to design platforms that would empower asset owners, through several key principles:
1. Unlimited Users: our commercial model supports unlimited users, meaning our clients can share data with anyone internally, as well as all relevant external clients and sub-contractors.
2. Build With, not For: every feature of RedEyeDMS was built with an existing client – or collaboratively across several clients – to ensure that the new functionality is exactly what is required by industry. And, as we are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, once a new feature is released, it is available to all users.
3. Single Source of Truth: our goal is to ensure that our clients only have one version of every document, stored securely in the cloud, and available to anyone that requires access (based on roles and permissions).
4. Invite In, not Share Out: with documentation stored in the cloud, we encourage clients to invite people into their data, rather than the traditional method of sharing information out from their EDMS platform.
Since 2012, RedEye has developed a strong reputation for providing user-friendly and readily deployable enterprise software, and works with tier one critical infrastructure clients across multiple sectors:
• Water & Wastewater Utilities
• Power Utilities (including generation, transmission, and commercial)
• Government (Local, State, and Federal)
• Transport
• Resources and Mining
• Oil & Gas (including up-, mid-, and downstream; both on- and offshore)
• Telecommunication networks
• Healthcare and Hospitals
RedEye offers two separate cloud-based and mobile-focused Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for asset and work management.

RedEye Data Management Solution
RedEyeDMS launched in June 2012 and is the only purpose built, cloud and mobile based solution for managing “As-Built” engineering data (including engineering drawings, and associated documents and media) for large asset owners. Users from both across the asset owner’s organisation, and external service providers, are invited into RedEyeDMS to find, use, markup, back draft, review, approve and manage critical information.
RedEyeDMS can be integrated into an organisation’s core enterprise software, improving control over intellectual property and enforcing data security through our multiple tools and background processes.

RedEye Work Force Mobility
RedEyeWFM launched in July 2016 and is a unique cloud-based and mobile-first collaborative work management platform for asset owners, operators and their service providers. RedEyeWFM provides a common mobile environment across the workforce, comprising:
1. An easy, simple to use mobile app (available for iOS and Android), that enables all connected organisations to input information, complete work, or review asset data. Gamification and analytics are built in from the ground up, enabling a modern user experience, and powerful reporting; &
2. A flexible, scalable database, that can be used to build an accurate picture of everything occurring in relation to your entire asset base.
RedEyeWFM is supported with a powerful Public API, which allows asset owners unparalleled control and flexibility in integrating their multiple existing asset management platforms into a single solution.

Both solutions offer a unique client and user experience and are purpose built to reduce operating cost and risk, while improving safety, productivity and performance. RedEye clients typically achieve a return on investment within 12 months and significant ongoing savings.

RedEye currently employs people between across Australia (Brisbane, QLD), North America (Las Vegas, Nevada), and Asia (Manilla, Philippines), and is widely recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing and most successful tech startups.

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