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Flow Systems is the exclusive distributor of SmartCover Systems throughout BC & Yukon. Providing remote monitoring solutions for wastewater, stormwater, or surface water.
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SmartCover's remote level monitoring system is utilized by municipalities across North America. The easy to deploy solution provides water & wastewater operators remote, real-time visibility into their collection systems.

Deployment of SmartCover units into your collection systems require no external power, telemetry, and provides the with utility remote, real-time visibility into their collection system. The installation also never requires a confined space entry.

SmartCover provides visibility from the bottom of the invert to the top of the manhole with it's patented dual-sensor technology. The highly accurate ultrasonic sensor monitors water/wastewater levels below the sensor. Should the IP-68 rated sensor become submerged the built-in pressure sensor monitors levels above giving you visibility right to the manhole lid

Once installed, utilities have the ability to monitor level/flow data, advanced warning of potential back-ups, and real-time alerts when high-level events are occurring at their fingertips from any computer or phone via the cloud-based portal. This two-way communication link is done through superior Iridium satellite communications allowing this instant infrastructure to be installed anywhere in a collection system; even the most remote locations. Precipitation & temperature data is also integrated for any location required without any weather stations to maintain allowing utilities to see a cause & effect on levels.

In addition to preventing sanitary and stormwater spills, SmartCover’s award-winning suite of technology has a range of applications including the reduction of high frequency cleanings (HFC), locating inflow and infiltration (I&I), river/stream level monitoring, and remote H2S level monitoring. SmartCover technology allows you to know what’s happening in your collection system before an event occurs.

Flow Systems also offers complete installation services of SmartCover units for customers across the province of BC.

For further information on SmartCover, contact Flow Systems at 250-258-1079 or visit www.flowsystems.ca.

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