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FAQs - For Users

This section provides Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Users

What is the Canadian Water Directory?

The Canadian Water Directory website is the home of directories for each province and territory in Canada. It covers products and services for Water Supply, Wastewater Management and Irrigation & Drainage. The website helps you to easily find the Products, Services and Construction expertise you need.

Why is Canadian Water Directory unique?

We put water solutions at your fingertips. You can search in each province or territory for the products and services you need. This is of great benefit to owners, managers and operators who prefer to deal with suppliers who are readily accessible and have a strong regional reputation. In addition to access to products and services we provide a growing collection of on-line resources for the water industry in Canada. 

How Do People Go To the Directory?

Just type in CanadianWater.Directory in the Browser’s search bar. We use the new top-level domain name: .Directory

Who uses the Canadian Water Directory?

Canadian Water Directory is used by designers, engineers, owners, operators, consultants, contractors, facility managers, government officials and homeowners. It's a comprehensive and easy-to-use source of information covering important parts of the water industry in Canada. 

How is the Directory Set Up?

Canadian Water Directory is divided into both Canadian provinces & territories. It is also divided into sectors which cover: Water Supply, Wastewater Management and Irrigation & Drainage. These are each further divided into Products, Services and Construction. Over time some provinces will be further divided into geographic regions, to enable buyers to locate suppliers close to home. British Columbia is divided into three regions: Coastal BC, Lower Mainland BC, and Interior & Northern BC.

How Do I begin a Search?

Go to the Search Sector tab or the Search Province tab at the top. Look in the drop-down list under Search Sector and click on How to Search for further directions

Who is Listed in the Directory?

The Directory lists many suppliers of products and services to the water industry in Canada. These suppliers are largely based in Canada. The Directory also includes suppliers from the US and other locations.

We do not screen companies who make a listing in the Directory, so we are not able to provide assurance about the fitness of products or services for a particular application. In selecting a supplier of goods and services you should perform due diligence activities. These may include asking the supplier for references to past customers or clients.

We have links with regional water associations who have suppliers of products and services as associate members. Where a supplier listed in the Directory is an associate member of a water association this may be shown in the Directory as part of the listing for that company.

Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

What if I cannot find the thing that interests me?

You might try searching in other Sectors or Categories or searching by Name or Keyword using the Search Bar on the Search Page. If you still cannot find the topic of interest please contact us. We may need to add a new Category or add more suppliers to the Directory.

Who Operates the Directory?

The Canadian Water Directory website is operated by the Sustainable Infrastructure Society, a not-for-profit society incorporated in British Columbia.

Who Sponsors the Directory?

Some components of the Directory are sponsored by water industry associations.