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Canadian Water Directory

Make and Manage Your Listing

To make a listing, look through the following directions, then click on Make a Listing. You will see the screen on which you register an account.

Making a listing in Canadian Water Directory is straightforward. It’s easiest when you have the required information readily available: click Information Required.

Register an Account

Set up an account by entering your name, other details and an email address and password.  Follow the process and you will receive an on-screen message saying the account has been created. In the email sent to you, click on Confirm Account and you will be returned to the My Account page.

Make and Edit Your Listing

From the My Account page you can make and edit your listing. Click on Manage Your ListingThis takes you to the Manage Your Listing page. From there you can click on the blue buttons to enter or edit the components of your listing. In the section: Sectors, Categories and Types you make selections that suit your products and services; to find out more about this click: Categories 

From Manage Your Listing you also select the kind of listing you require and choose the provinces within CWD in which your listing should appear. Finally, if you have chosen a Premium Listing you pay the annual listing fee with a credit card.


We have produced a series of short videos which show you why and how you make a listing:

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