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Learning Tools

This page provides links to various learning tools and other resources for managers and operators of water - related organizations of all sizes.

Creating a Sustainable Organization

Learn about various kinds of plans that help your organization to be sustainable: Planning for Water Suppliers

Find out about the components required to create a sustainable organization: Sustainable Organizations

How do you answer the question: Is your small water system sustainable?

Risk Management and Communications

All water systems must manage risk and ensure effective communications with customers.  These resources will help you to provide effective insurance protection and to communicate easily with your customers:     Affordable Insurance program       Canadian Water Websites     Insurance for Water Systems - Slideshow

Water Supply and Climate Change

For an uncomplicated Guide to climate change and water supply: Water/Climate Change Toolkit 

Climate change puts many water supply systems at risk. Follow this link for more information: Water and Climate Change

Best Management Practices - Finance and Governance

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are simply ways that certain things are done in the best-performing organizations. Financial BMPs will help your organization to achieve long-term financial sustainability. And the video accessed from the other link link below will help best practices in governance.

Financial Best Management Practices - SIS Guides

Water Rate Structures

Governance and Roles for Trustees

Legal Issues and Water Supply - Legal issues associated with the governance and management of water utilities and other infrastructure organizations

Best Management Practices - Federation of Canadian Municipalities

These documents are edited summaries of best practices extracted from the National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure. These summaries are made freely available online to all Canadians and are provided for educational purposes.  The summaries and original documents are intended for general guidance only.  Note that best practices are not a replacement for proper engineering and should not preclude or supersede regulatory requirements. These documents are provided subject to the disclaimers given in the documents. 

Water Suppliers in British Columbia

These links provide information related to the new groundwater licensing requirements in BC:  

BC Government - Water      FrontCounterBC

Planning and Design of Community Water Systems

The following links take you to resources that will help with the planning, design and operation of community water systems:

Design Guidelines for Rural Residential Community Water Systems

Best Practice Guidelines for Approving New Small Water Systems

Guidelines for the Construction of Waterworks

Guidelines for the Approval of Water Systems