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Welcome to the WaterStars™ Rating Program

Devastating floods, raging forest fires, shrinking glaciers, dying forests: we have experienced these in British Columbia in recent years, and climate change takes a good part of the blame. The water industry can help respond to climate change and contribute towards environmental conservation. The WaterStars Rating program recognizes individuals and companies who build the capabilities of the water industry and who support progress towards sustainability. 

WaterStars™ for Individuals

Can you answer Yes to one of these questions:

  • You have recognized expertise in a technical area of the water industry?
  • You have volunteered time and expertise to an organization associated with the water industry?
  • You lead an organization that helps advance the capabilities of the water industry?

If you answered Yes, you may be eligible for nomination as a WaterStar.

For more information send an email to Info@CanadianWater.Directory

WaterStars™ for Companies

The WaterStars™Rating system is based on a simple self-assessment questionnaire, which refers to best environmental practices.

If your company has a WaterStars™ Rating (*1) it means you care. It means you are aware of the challenges facing the world, and you want to take positive action. Do it today!

WaterStars Questionnaire for Companies 

WaterStars Questionnaire for Water Suppliers

Why WaterStars?

Could governments and firms risk being successfully sued if they don't cut their emission. Environmental lawyers are questioning: should events like Harvey still be referred to as "Acts of God" or "Natural Disasters" as they are made worse by emissions of fossil fuels. See this BBC article.