Welcome to the
Canadian Water Directory

Managing Your Account

Click on My Account at the top right in the blue ribbon to go to the My Account home screen.

Home: Return to the Home screen at any time to access the features below.

Manage Profile: On this screen enter details of an individual Contact. You can assign one or more roles to that person. To find out more about roles click here: Company Contacts Explained

Change Password: If you are the Company Contact for your account, you can change your password on this screen.

Manage My Contacts: On this screen you see a table with your company Contacts. To add a new Contact, click: Create a New Contact. To edit information about an existing contact click Edit Contact.

Your Organization’s Contacts

Under Your Organizations Contacts we list the people who are the contacts we have with your organization. Click the blue button Manage My Contacts to edit information about any of your organization Contacts and to add new Contacts.

Your Organization’s Listing

Under Your Organizations Listing you may see a note about the status of your listing. Click the blue button Edit Your Listing to make updates to you listing information.

Updating Your Listing

To see how to update you listing, click here: Update Your Listing